SMART School Press Conference - NewSoft Provides Educational Technology Integration Services

Samsung plans to make life better with their "Smart School Solution". Working with NewSoft in Taiwan, who has deep ties and nearly 20 years of experience in education, and following the completion last year of eight Smart classrooms, this year they will add 7 to bring the total up to 15. On September 22, they formally announced the completion of the 15 classrooms in the construction of a Taiwan Smart learning network. Actively promoting the Smart classroom as the region's digital education learning center will enhance the learning environment in Taiwan.


NewSoft is a consulting key player in "Smart School Solution" integration, education, training, and teaching. NewSoft manager, Xieqing You, says, “NewSoft has a deep commitment, powerful software, and an enthusiastic technical services team for serving the education industry. From importing basic education and training, training Smart classroom assistants, and offering special hotline advisory services, we are ready to answer all questions. We will provide each location more than 40 hours of teacher education and training. We look forward to an overall solution that, through software and hardware, gives students and teachers the most perfect Smart learning environment.”


NewSoft has deep roots in the education industry and understands the importance of digital education and helps promote digital education as part of our corporate social responsibility. Fully supported by the Ministry of Education to help promote the "teaching-learning activation", "Active Learning", and "remote township digit care" policies. Use of innovative digital technology and assisted-learning will enhance competitiveness, and improve rural digital educational resources and social issues. Taiwan's new digital education momentum will allow vulnerable children to enjoy science and technology education, hereby increasing interest in learning and helping close an unacceptable digital divide.



Keywords: classroom intelligent, innovation and technology education, digital teaching, active learning, remote township e-learning, Smart School