PVR 5.0 > Hardware compatibility & driver problem > Does the PVR 5.0 work under Winsdows 7?
Please check the system requirement of the TV tuner device driver if it supports for Windows 7. To obtain the proper driver, please contact the hardware vendor to obtain a new driver for Windows 7. As NewSoft provides the software bundled with your TV tuner and not the hardware, it is only responsible for problems and support related to software programs.  All drivers are created by and are the responsibility of the TV tuner device manufacturers.
If you cannot find the proper contact information of the hardware vendor, please provide NewSoft with the following information in order for us to assist, so you contact your hardware vendor to help you to obtain the proper driver:
1. The TV tuner’s brand name or product name
2. PVR version number
To find PVR version number and Product ID:
1. Open the file HPVR5.ini from C:\Program Files\NewSoft\Presto! PVRVersion = x.xx.xx (your version number) should be displayed in the dialogue box.
2. Open the file LUTRAY.ini from C:\Program Files\NewSoft\Presto! PVRProductName = Txxxxxx (your product ID) should be displayed in the dialogue box.