Smart Panel 3.x (Windows) > All > Why does the error of "registry data error" appear when launching Smart Panel 3 on Windows XP?

The error message may be occurred when you login as different privilege account on Windows XP.

Smart Panel 3 supports multiple user log-on. Once you have installed the Smart Panel successfully with an administrator, you can use it under other privilege user log-on. If you have even installed Smart Panel with an limited account, the error message may occur.

Please try to reintall the whole programs by the following procedure to correct this problem.

1. Login Windows XP with an user account which you have installed Smart Panel previously.

2. Close all running programs. This includes virus protection, screen savers, and other software that may be running in the background. This is to avoid the possible conflicts with other software.

3. Download the file DelReg30.exe, you can get this file from the following link. (Click Here)

4. Remove anyone of the listed programs from add/remove programs.
   Note: Please do not reboot until the step5 is finished
 * Epson Smart Panel
 * Epson PhotoPrint
 * Epson Copy utility
 * Arcsoft PhotoImpression [Some of the original software may not present this item]
 * Scan to Web
 * Presto! PixExpress
   Note: If you can not remove one of them successfully, simply skip it and then go next.

5. Delete the Smart Panel folder under C:\Program Files\ .

6. Double Click DelReg3.0.exe and it will remove Smart Panel settings from System Register automatically.

7. Reboot the system.

8. Reinstall Epson Smart Panel.

9. Start using Smart Panel.